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Nico is a sweet, calm senior puggle (pug+beagle) who is looking for his forever home.  He is fully housebroken, crate trained, neutered, micro-chipped and has a clean bill of health from our vets.  He is being fostered in southeast Michigan. This cute boy has a big, sweet smile that he loves to show off. Nico loves sitting on the couch with his family and going on walks outside and following his people around the house.  Unfortunately, Nico is hearing impaired and doesn’t respond to his name being called. To overcome this, he watches for visual signals and can follow his family’s home routine without problem. He has learned basic obedience (sit, stay, lay down) and even some tricks (high five, shake, roll over).  Watch Nico practice his obedience and tricks. https://youtube.com/watch?vu=z7-q5_8hNE&t+4s


Nico gets along great with other dogs in the home and with most dogs he meets in public, but he prefers dogs who are low energy and respectful of his space.  Nico sometimes gets anxious in new situations. In an unfamiliar or overwhelming situation Nico can become scared and wary of his surroundings. However, with a few days adjustment period, he easily adapts to his new situation and becomes affectionate.  You will know you’ve won his heart when he rolls onto his back to ask you for some belly rubs. We recommend Nico to a family without young children and that his new family be understanding of his anxiety in new situations.


If you are interested in adopting Nico or sponsoring him and the other pugs in rescue you can do so at www.pugrescuenetwork.com

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