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Introducing, arguaby, one of PRN's cutest Pugs ever...Dasher (Dash) PRN# 375, at 6 months, this
little guy is just 6 lbs of adorable fluff!!!
As cute as he is, Dash is facing some big medical issues that cuteness can not fix. Dash looks normal, but he is not. He has neurological issues that a team of vets is working to find the cause. Dash has seen a neurologist and will be having blood work done soon. His foster home says that Dash is very quiet and at times seems "spaced out". He does play with toys, and chew things just not with the same energy as a normal 5 month old puppy. Inspite of his apparent shortcomings, Dash is quite smart. He knows when and where he will be fed! He sits for his meals and is crate trained!! He has only had one accident in his crate!! Undoubtedly, Dash will be having many medical tests, procedures and treatments, even the possibility of surgery. But like any dog that comes to Pug Rescue Network, he will receive the best vet care, best food and most of all lots of love.

If you can find it in your heart to help Dash we would appreciate your support and you can sponsor him for as little as $1. Help us help Dash today and be his hero as this little guy looks up to you for your help and how can you say no to those little eyes.

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